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How to bet on the Nigeria Premier League

The Premier League is the main soccer championship in Nigeria, which is held every year under the "autumn-spring" system it is attended by 16 clubs of Nigeria. This tournament consists of 30 rounds.

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Which bets to choose for the NPL season? Who will be the top scorer of the season in the NPL? Who will have the honor to represent the country on the European stage? Who will fail to gain a foothold in the Premier League? By tradition, let's break down the most popular questions before the start of the new 2021 NPL season.

It will be quite interesting to watch the LE debutant here. Whether the Gunners will be able to surpass the previous Nigerian debutant and failed to beat Scotland's Rangers on the final stage. Also, it is somewhat unusual to see the guys of Nigerian here, after six consecutive years of qualifying exclusively for the Champions League, and now they will have to play in Europe's second-strongest club championship. But surely that will be good for the team, given their period of rebuilding and roster renewal is not yet over.

By all appearances, next season the situation with the participants in the European championships will be similar. Only the sixth place that the Nairobi club won this year will be in question. Otherwise, the championship is roughly stable.

Who will win the NPL season?

The contenders for the Nigerian Premier League championship trophy have not changed much lately. Based on the fact that the reigning national champion won his medals ahead of schedule and with an impressive margin over the nearest pursuer, he will again be among the favorites next year. Next, it is worth noting the railroaders, as they assembled a very competent squad - there are both experienced, experienced players and young promising athletes. Nairobi which has the best goal difference should also be in the top spot.

The other representatives are experiencing individual difficulties, which will be resolved in the course of the competition. For example, the team continues to build the game and determine the main core, there is a large turnover of personnel, which does not play into the hands of the team. The Nigerian team lacks stability; at the end of the year, the Red and White lost points where they could win comfortably. That's why the squad finished only in fifth place.

Obviously, the situation will change, because the transfer window and the preparation period are still ahead, but at the moment the situation is like this. And if you look at the distance, you can see that little changes at the top of the table from year to year.