More than 800,000 in the Mega Jackpot Casinos Poland
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More than 800,000 in the Mega Jackpot Casinos Poland

The Mega Jackpot offered to players by Casinos Poland in October 2008 is becoming more and more popular, as evidenced by the main prize that can be won by currently playing the Mega Jackpot at one of the seven Casinos Poland Casinos. The main prize pool has been accumulated since 21 January 2009, when the last Mega Jackpot was awarded and as of 5 June 2009 it amounts to over 837 thousand PLN.

Atractional accumulations in the Mega Jackpot system are possible by merging seven casinos in Poland into one network. Playing on machines becomes even more exciting for players, and the winnings can be higher.

We observe that the Mega Jackpot has become a big attraction for slot machine lovers as the value of the main winnings increases. An additional attraction is the competition for winnings between players from different casinos.- said Andrzej Maj, Casinos Poland Casino Director at the Marriott Hotel - On our website we update the value of the main winnings every day. You can play the Mega Jackpot in seven Polish cities, because on 27 May our casino in Gdynia joined the system - he added.

Where does such a big win come from?

The system of games with shared winnings consists of placing a part of the amount from each bet on networked slot machines into a shared pot. Each player of a networked Mega Jackpot slot machine can watch the main prize (the so-called progressive jackpot) grow during the game. When the jackpot is hit, the system starts counting again. In the system offered by Casinos Poland, the amount to be won is accumulated simultaneously from games at seven casinos.

The following casinos work within the Mega Jackpot system:

- Casino at the Marriott Hotel in Warsaw
- Casino at the Hyatt Hotel in Warsaw
- Casino at the HP Park Plaza Hotel in Wroclaw
- Casino at the Novotel Bronowice Hotel in Krakow
- Casino at the Polonez Hotel in Poznan
- Casino at the Altus Building in Katowice
- Casino at the Musical Theatre Building in Gdynia

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